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Below is a partial list of our endorsers.

I enthusiastically support Ed Reece for Council. His integrity, experience with city business, good ideas, and good common sense will serve all of Claremont for the years ahead. — Mel Boynton

Experienced public safety leadership is required when keeping standards high and the community safe. This is why the Claremont Police Officers' Association is endorsing Ed Reece for Claremont City Council. — Claremont Police Officers' Association

Join me and many in support of Ed's 20-year community commitment and leadership.

— Betty Crocker

Ed will bring important business and technology skills to the Claremont City Council. — Maury & Jerry Feingold

Ed Reece has the background and experience to be a great Councilmember for Claremont.

— Butch Henderson

I leased Ed his business unit on foothill over 20 years ago and have watched him grow into the great businessman and leader he is today. His fiscal responsibility and ability to bring people together for a common good is outstanding. Please vote for Ed. Thank You all. — Danny Holznecht

I was impressed by Ed’s leadership of the committee to pass Measure SC. He worked hard to gather voter support for the police station we need. — Jim Keith

Ed has always been a tremendous giver in our community. His willingness to engage and contribute positively is endless. He'll bring great energy and experience to the council.  — Ray Lantz

I have known Ed for many years and have followed his involvement in a host of community groups including, Claremont Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, Police Commission, and many other committees that support the growth and efficiency of our great community! I highly endorse Ed Reece as a qualified City Council Candidate! — Ed Leavell

I support Ed Reece for Claremont City Council. — Susan Lominska

I heard Ed speak at the League of Women Voters candidate forum. I was impressed with the contributions he has already made to Claremont, and the specifics he brought to the table regarding what he would do if elected. Ed has my vote. — Jack Mills

Ed .... Leader. Commits. Efficient. Management skills. Successful business owner in Claremont. Negotiator. Background, and technology experience. Generously contributes his time and knowledge. Respect for civil servants in our community. Concern for the welfare of citizens of all ages including the homeless in Claremont. Believes in the integration of valuable resources found in the community and Claremont colleges. We support Ed and will be fortunate to have him speaking on our behalf. — Maddie and Steve Petersen

Ed's business and management skills will be a real asset to the City of Claremont. — Randy Prout

Ed's community involvement will be an important component of his decision making on the Claremont City Council. — Karen Rosenthal

Ed Reece is a fantastic candidate for Claremont City Council. I encourage you to examine his worthy merits and see for yourself his potential at positively impacting Claremont's future! — Jose Vera
Juan Aguilar
Mario Gottuso
Susan Pearson
Juan Carlos Aguilar
Robin Gottuso
Kim Peeples
Luis Alcaraz
David Guerrero
John Perez
Vanessa Alcaraz
Geoff Hamill
Maddie Petersen
Freeman Allen
Matt Hamill
Steve Petersen
Nancy Ambrose
Pat Hauducoeur
Randy Prout
John Ammon
Bridget Healy
Yolanda Pulido
Dino Andriani
Butch Henderson
Nick Quackenbos
Liliana Andriani
Rosemary Henderson
Liu Jean Quan
Vincent Arenas
Bryna Herbold
Nora Quinn
Nancy Baltazar
Carl Herbold
Kimberly Ramirez
Frank Bedoya
Andrew Herriman
Lucrecia Ramirez
Beth Benjamin
Anna Herzog
Tony Ramos
Marilyn Bidwell
Nicki Heskin
Gabriel Reign Raphael
Russ Binder
Sandy Hester
Bernadette Reece
Rosie Bister
Larry Hoffman
Jeffrey Reece
Jack Blair
Janice Hoffmann
Tom Reece
Scott Bohlender
Danny Holznecht
Merrill Ring
Mike Boos
Larry Horowitz
Ray Riojas
Laura Bray Bouamrane
Marci Horowitz
Terri Riojas
Reine Bouret
John Howland
Tandy Robinson
Rev. Gene Boutilier
Naomi Howland
Raul Rodriguez
Robert Bowcock
Eric Huizar
Karen Rosenthal
Mel Boynton
Duane Jackman
Frida Ross-Palomino
Dorcia Bradley
Lee Jackman
Marguerite Royse
John Bradley
Herman Janssen
Margaret Russell
Tina Brooks
Dylan Johnson
Joe Salas
Chris Brunasso
Sandi Johnson
Carlos Samuelson
Jonathan Brunasso
Bharat Kapadia
Pat Samuelson
Bill Buehler
Daksha Kapadia
Tim Sanchez
Lorrie Buehler
Jim Keith
Marilee Scaff
Joan Bunte
Sue Keith
Randy Scott
Lyle Burkhart
David Kekone
Dave Serbin
Chris Caenepeel
Deborah Kekone
Vivian Serbin
Mary Caenepeel
Colleen Kelly
Magdalena Serrato
Christopher Calaycay
John Kosta
Ruben Serrato
Stacy Caponigro
Linda Kovach
David Shearer
Beatrice Casagran
Jane Kwatcher
Greg Shearer
Ann Casey
Ray Lantz
Barbara Shelley
Katie Chau
Ed Leavell
Michael Shelley
David Cisneros
Ed Leavitt
Tom Shelley
Claremont Police Officers' Association
John Lewallen
Gabe Silva
Michael Conkey
Robert S. Lewis
Lawson Spicer
Richard Contreras
Robert Lewis
Sorrel Stielstra
Paul Cooper
Russell Lindamood
Heidi Strash
Rina Cooper
Randy Lopez
Jon Strash
Nikki Coulas
James Manifold
Jacques Stroud
Miranda Cox
Tony Marino
Sonja Stump
Betty Crocker
Richard Marks
Jess Swick
Raul Cruz, Claremont Escrow
Mary Martinez
Marion Swick
Caroline Davis
Sergio Martinez
Jacob Swodeck
Frank De Leo
Valerie Martinez
Zephyr Tate-Mann
Phyllis De Leo
Caleb Mason
Marshall Taylor
Ann Doskow
Steven McCuen
Hovig Tchalian
Chuck Doskow
Meredith Estel McDowell
Tirzo Tec
Harold Dyck
Stephanie Merry
Ann Thomas
Cindi East
Jack Mills
Tom Thomas
Linda Elderkin
Donna Marie Minano
Josh Thomasson
Kathy Eltiste
Frank Minano
Brian Thompson
Scott Eltiste
Ron Mittino
Wayne Thurston
Parker Emerson
Glenn Miya
Tim Tipping
Sandra Emerson
Carolee Monroe
Nona Tirre
Susan Emerson
John (Jack) Monroe
Nancy Torres
Yohana Eslami
Murray Monroe
Jose Vera
Debi Evans
Emily Moultrie
Bill Villalobos
Bob Fagg
Andrew Mowbray
Al Villanueva
Sandy Fasano
Roberto Munoz
Judith Wagner
Tom Fasano
Lynn Murray
Teddie Warner
Maury Feingold
Barbara Musselman
Amy Weiler
Jerry Fiengold
Nicholas Neece
Oliver Weiler
John Forney
John Neiuber
Bruno Windegger
Ann Fraggos
Allison Newlon-Burton
Nathalie Windegger
Jimmy Fraggos
Richard O'Neill
Elizabeth Wright
Charles Gale
Jesse Ortega
John Yasmer
Axel Garcia
Jesse Ortiz
Cheryl Zeigler
Bob Gerecke
Eliseo Palomino
Ryan Zimmerman
Marian Gerecke
Chelsea Pearson
Tamara Zipser
Helaine Goldwater
Don Pearson

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